Wednesday, 4 January 2017

How to choose keywords

How to choose keywords to web pages, and how to target visitors and how the keywords selected and how they affect the volume of sales of the company or the site;
A lot of website owners selling are pursuing the occupation of the top search engines especially Google search engine in a single word like - car - shoe - Tourism - Real Estate - etc. keywords which considers the website owners they will generate millions of visitors upon which income increases.

What they do not know it's practical counterproductive ... What is the point of millions of visitors to your website, no income is to you at the end of these visits?

I want you to think for a moment
If you own a real estate company and has a Web site, it is of course the most important words that you think are important to you is the word or the word Real Estate Apartments and other

Imagine yourself want to buy a property in Saudi Arabia in Medina, for example, or (Jeddah) in particular Of course, many will be searching for a word Real Estate. You can learn more about how to choose keywords in digital marketing by doing digital marketing training in delhi from techstack.

Search will come to you millions of sites that contain that word results, some of which is handles the sale of real estate, some of which is a forum talking about the real estate sale and purchase is generally more
Naturally, you will be going to a search engine and you customize the search result again and let the Jeddah Real Estate
Beautiful, I found the pages that talk about the Egyptian real estate, but it is natural that those who want to purchase a friendly layouts for purchase in a particular province
If the privatization will be more than that, until it arrives estate Hurghada, for example, here we find that he has already won on the pages and sites that the drugs sold in the city of Hurghada.

The difference between the words and customization

The difference between the words and the customization is that general keywords and be of one word describes the product too crowded and occupied can bring millions of visitors
But if you look at the words of specialization, it will not come a lot number of visitors but they come with money and profit, because then you may be targeting a certain class know what you want, class does not want information but want to actually purchase
More precisely: Target group of people planning to buy the actual or have a plan for what you are looking and what you want.